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Cholera (my other band) set a release date for our new 7-inch. If you like grindcore and sexy boys, then this will be your thing. #grindcore #ukhc
Udon noodles with mushrooms, onions and spinach. I’m not creative with meals. #vegan #xvx

Anonymous asked: How tall are you

I am 6ft 1. 💪

Anonymous asked: I have a crush on you

Very nice.

You see them cutting down all the trees. Poisoning the air, the land, and seas.
Re Regram from Jonny and Gauci. Football was mint, hung out with my mates and had a nice time.




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Anonymous asked: would you date a meat eater?


yeah, but it’s a bit of a turn off and I can’t really see myself in a long term relationship with one xx